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Well, at Least We Have an In-State Rival in a Non-Revenue Sport

You're probably just as shocked as I am that there are actually enough women at Georgia Tech to field a softball team, but, in all fairness, I guess there's no rule against North Avenue Trade requiring all sixteen coeds to play on the squad. But however they managed to get enough ladies on the diamond, the ones they found handled their business, defeating the visiting Bulldogs 2-0. I guess the Engineers brought their A-game on their high holy day.

Defensively, the Diamond Dawgs did well enough in the first five innings. Junior Tess Sito delivered a typically strong performance from the mound, allowing just one hit and no runs in four innings. Sophomore Morgan Montemayor took the loss as a reliever, but she gave up no earned runs. With the only Jacket batter to manage a hit waiting on first base after a walk, a surprise bunt led in-fielder Gracie Goulder to rush a throw to second, which bounced off Ashley Pauley's glove into right field. The runner made it all the way home on the play. The surprise bunter worked her way from second to third and then from third home on consecutive ground outs to score the game's second and final run.

Georgia couldn't find any answers on offense, notching just two hits total from junior Christine Olney and freshman Anna Swafford. Hopefully they'll return to their winning ways when they resume SEC play with a three-game series against the no. 18 WarTiglesWomen on Friday. (The Dawgs went 2-1 against Mississippi State last weekend; sorry for whiffing on the write-up, y'all.)

By the way, I'm only kidding about softball being our only in-state rivalry. This was the Jackets' first softball victory over the Bulldogs since April 2008. #trollforever

Go Dawgs!