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The Dawg Wørd(s): March 10, 2012

Note: This started out as a semi-periodic e-mail from me to the Dawg Sports contributors with funny search term updates, and we got such a kick out of it that Kyle suggested I turn this into sort of an offseason replacement for "You're On Notice, Dawg." So... blame him. :-)

(This picture has been lawya'd)

As one might expect, with the level of traffic we regularly receive at Dawg Sports, we show up in a lot of search results. Generally, most of our search-result visitors have entered something fairly predictable, like "Georgia Bulldogs football," "did Georgia win last night," "Why is Michael Adams a disaster," or something like that. (Ok, not that last one. But still.)

And then, we have the outliers. Any comments by me are in (parentheses), and I have not included any NSFW results. All of the following search terms have been used to reach a page or picture on the website within the last 96 hours:

- dick van dyke high stepping gif
- bad cases of sponsorship
- constitution ga article three
- cartoon screwdriver
- colonel kurtz
- rio bravo western
- a whole area of yippy games
- chlamydia bug
- florida chlamydia
- purple drank 1 gallon
- when does a florida administratively dissolved corporation cease to legally exsist
- portraits of the constitutional convention
- camel face
- georgia power phone number
- i hate michigan and 301 reasons you should too
- struck oil
- a summary of soccer the sport
- what are the words to the budweiser cute neighbor sarah commercial
- person waving hello
- henri the otter of ennui
- bobby felmy on drugs
- humuhumunukunukuapua'a
- dale cooper free tibet
- is nz located in the ring of fire?
- "watkinsville rockets" (SECRET NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM, Y'ALL)
- eagles eating a tiger
- soccer gif wind
- masked raider western
- was shel silverstein a communist
- winston churchill mohawk
- guy from dos equis talking about michigan grads
- lewis grizzard wife sneaks into football stadium ashes
- richard nixon pennsylvania
- espn next super bowl 46 maker's mark
- louis skolnick
- tiger with chlamydia
- green stripe shirt
- ray goff, tx
- eliza dushku young
- weedeater
- aladdin gin
- power rangers history spd
- uga peeing on rick neuheisel
- solution castlevania
- the blue menace at auburn
- bathroom without tub
- something to say at a 50th birthday party
- finger no one
- madden girl getta nude pumps
- tolo the word
- eli manning oreo 2012
- big dumpster truck
- power rangers operation overdrive games
- sipowicz
- starched shirt tie drenched in sweat
- drunk boy lying on floor
- wife dressed like cheerleader
- flordia repository
- little miss south carolina logo
- how to draw a softball
- ross perot
- skeptical accountants
- hot punish apology

From the "How do I Internet" department:

- hate the bulldogs they low sown the dirrt
- lets do georgai dawgs
- epic coolaid
- meagan good bikini
- espn radio dam bar wii slam dunk
- great reasons in sports
- www.all world guys . com
- logo's of nike , pick 'n pay, aids rubbon
- georgia butt mehre heritage hall graphics (snicker)
- i want to attain basketball games
- uniformes ducks de arizona nfl

From the "Dang, are you in the wrong place" department:

- gators in love
- a gator eating a bulldog
- lima peru map
- ncaa results daytona v george washington wed 7 march
- joakim noah body
- romanian
- is the mac basketball tournament game going to be televised
- glass of goats blood
- family guy hulu
- 2012 pics gator girls in cheerleader uniforms
- tim tebow shirtless

And finally, a phenomenon for which we have apparently become an Internet hub:

- panther butthurt

Go Dawgs!