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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - Toking with Lawrence Welk? Edition

Good morning, everyone. Here we are, once again, with another wonderful work week ahead of us. The Super Bowl now in the books, we're on a football hiatus until September, so we can go ahead and start the countdown now (and given that I know how some of you feel about the NFL, I'm sure a number of you have already started the countdown). This morning, before getting into our normal linkfest, I'd like to bring a video to the attention of everyone here. All I'll say is that this video is either the greatest display of "ignorance is bliss" that you'll ever find, or that Lawrence Welk's target audience was severely misjudged. You decide...(more links after the jump)

Thanks, Gail and Dale, for that modern spiritual. Let's see what else is going on in the world...

This is an interesting concept pointed to by the Senator. Personally, I'm alright with the idea, but I'm also not one of those anti-NFL sort of folks. To me, the games are on NFL Network, so while it may provide some options for folks to flip to during commercial breaks, I don't really think this is going to hurt ESPN's College Football coverage that much.

Hines Ward, the door is wide open. Make it happen, Mark Richt. (h/t Blutarsky).

This story on Super Bowl Squares is a few days old, but the concept is interesting, nonetheless. Last night became the second game in the past several years where the same numbers (9 and 0) actually won two separate quarters. Unfortunately, in our office squares, I didn't have those numbers...a Giants fan did.

Finally, the real question that needs to be answered after the Super Bowl is "What commercial was the best?" The game was at least competitive this year, the halftime show was (in my opinion) fairly lame (Madonna? Really?), but the commercials I saw left a little to be desired, and Newsday agrees. Disagree? Think the commercials were great? Really loved watching a 53 year old Madonna dance around? Open it up in the comments!