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Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread !

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You know what today is? It's the most watched event in the world or something like that. The Super Bowl has moved beyond super and on to mega super incredible. I am sure they will screw up the national anthem somehow. In the meantime, UGA has won at lacrosse, equestrian, and tennis this weekend. And we always have a fine golf team. So, if you think your Daddy's UGA was some country school, you were right, just perhaps more country club.

So, what are your plans today? I think late reporting on Monday should be part of the Super Bowl, I mean, who wants to get up tomorrow morning early anyhow? Please share your day, your party plans and your food and drink recipes in the comments. I mean, not celebrating the Super Bowl is not bleeding your red, white, and blue!

And I am serious about the food and drinks - I have a friend on facebook that just posted a picture of some Cornish hen kabobs that are just blowing my mind. It's also a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO. Whatever your day is, please feel free to share.