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The Hunt Seat Equitation On The Flat Report: Georgia Takes Its Revenge On Steve Detwiler

This was an action packed weekend if you've got a thing for the ponies (Auburn fans getting all hot and bothered at that statement will be reported to the proper authorities). The #3 Georgia Bulldogs played host to a pair of teams in Bishop, GA on a weekend which saw the Dawgs continue their streak of successful outings. Baylor and Fresno State rode into town with hopes of unseating one of the nation's premier teams. Like so many others, they left bloodied and soundly defeated...

On Saturday morning, the fighting RGIII's of Baylor came to challenge the Athenians. In yet another dominant performance, Georgia put the Bears down 13-6 on points and by a 30+ score margin. Though Baylor squeaked out a 3-2 victory in Equitation on the Flat, Georgia cruised to a 4-1 victory in Equitation Over Fences (Michelle Morris, MVP) and a 4-0 win in Reining (McKenzie Lantz, MVP) while notching a 3-2 triumph in Horsemanship (Megan Hawkins, MVP). All in all, a great day for the Dawgs and their beloved steeds.

While I was impressed with the Dawgs' performance on Saturday, nothing could have prepared me for the epic beatdown they were about to dish out on Sunday. As you may know, around these parts we don't particularly care for Fresno State. This may or may not have to do with one Steve Detwiler (nee Liotta-Turner):

Apparently the ladies of the University of Georgia Equestrian Team don't care much for Fresno State either. In an absolute embarrassment of the supposed West Coast Bulldogs, the REAL Bulldogs laid a smackdown the likes of which I have never seen. To wit:

Event Score Winner
Equitation on the Flat 5-0 Georgia
Equitation Over Fences 4-1 Georgia
Horsemanship 4-0 Georgia
Reining 4-0 Georgia

For those of you keeping score at home, that's 17 points for the Bulldogs to 1 for the Fighting Detwilers. The Dawgs turned in uniformly strong performances (led by MVP's Megan Southam, Carly Anthony, Sami Belcher, and Maria Salazar). For those of you interested in the aggregate score, Georgia won there by 155. This is what it looks like when you take someone behind the woodshed in Equestrian.

It may not have taken all the sting out of the 2008 CWS loss, but it sure as hell didn't hurt.

Next weekend, the Dawgs travel out to the Lone Star State where they'll take on SMU and TCU. Until then....