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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - "Start Me Up" Edition

Good morning, everyone! Once again, we find ourselves at the start of a new week here in Bulldawg Nation, and I'm realizing that I'm slowly running out of witty tie-ins around starting the workweek off on the right foot. Really, regardless of what endeavor you may be beginning, it's generally a solid idea to get out to a good start, similarly to the way the Men's basketball team had a score of 2-0 over Florida before the game even started on Saturday, en route to a victory over the 9th ranked Gators. Seriously, that happened, and it's awesome. Let's start this one up with a morning song coupled with awesome 80s dancing and some links after the jump...

Speaking of strong starts, the Georgia Baseball team is also off to an undefeated season, moving to 7-0 after sweeping Winthrop over the weekend. David Perno's team is playing well right now, and we should be in for a good season to come after last year's rebuilding year.

The Good Senator Blutarsky asks how we expect former Big XII offenses to perform in the SEC this year. C'mon, guys, this one's a gimme...offense wins championships, right? Right?! (Insert Mike Bobo joke here).

In a two-fer from the Senator, he also makes a quick point about the importance the victory over Florida may have had with recruits this weekend, given that the football coaches had a number of prospects attending the game with them. Personally, I couldn't agree more with this piece...a solid basketball program gaining wins over conference rivals can only help our football program's recruiting.

If you're looking to hone your knowledge of football concepts in the offseason to prepare for next year, there's no better place to start out than by reading Chris Brown at Smart Football. He has a nice post this morning touching on a variety of topics, so if you're interested in strategery of the pigskin and all that, jump on over there and have a looksie.

Finally, in a moment of "You can't make this stuff up", actress Lucy Lawless was arrested today in New Zealand for boarding an oil drilling ship to prevent it from being able to leave to do exploratory drilling in the arctic. She, along with several other greenpeace activists, were arrested for burglary, which is an interesting charge given the circumstances. Now, the question remains, do I make a joke about her last name being Lawless? How about the fact that she was Xena, the Warrior Princess? Ah, whatever, you folks decide in the comments, and the best one-liner wins nothing, but does get lauded with admiration from fellow you've got that going for you, which is nice.

Have a good week, everyone, and remember...

Go Dawgs!