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Softball Dawgs continue their winning ways at the Cathedral City Classic

It'd be an understatement to say that the No. 13 Georgia Softball Team is on a bit of a hot streak. This weekend at the Cathedral City Classic in Cathedral City, California, Georgia tallied up a 4-1 record, beating Arizona, Cal State Fullerton, UCLA and Oklahoma. Their only loss was to Washington. Oh, and by the way, every single one of those teams were ranked in the top 10, sans Cal State Fullerton.

Yeah, the girls are good. More info on the weekend after the jump...

The wins over the weekend brought the Dawgs to 12-2 overall and after beating so many teams ranked ahead of them up to this point, one would have to assume that they'll be moving up in the polls. How are they doing it? To be honest, it's got a lot to do with scoring more runs than the other team.

I don't have anything official in front of me, but from a quick tally of the schedule and results page of the softball team, it looks like in Georgia's 12 wins, they've scored six points or more in eight of them.

So yeah, it seems basic, but the Dawgs can score runs. When that's the object of the game, it's a good thing. The last game against Oklahoma on Sunday didn't have a lot of fireworks, but a 3-2 win can still be exciting. Drama, you say? How about UGA jumped out to a 2-0 lead after a homer by Paige Wilson, which scored Tiesha Reed, who was HIT BY A PITCH...IN SOFTBALL.

Yes, the Softball Dawgs are on a roll and they're going to continue their winning ways (hopefully) this Thursday, February 29 against Gardner-Webb.