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Georgia Bulldogs at LSU Tigers Doom, Gloom, and Agony Basketball Thread

Today is an important day, for several reasons, representing as it does (i) Ash Wednesday, (ii) the 280th anniversary of the birth of George Washington, (iii) the 192nd anniversary of the founding of the Phi Kappa Literary Society, and (iv) the 150th anniversary of events of import both in Richmond and in Washington, D.C.

Today does not, however, represent an occasion of note with regard to Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs, who will be taking on the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on the SEC Network. The Hoop Dogs are 1-5 in their last six road games, and the excitement generated by last year's trip to the NCAA Tournament has dissipated, so much so that Georgia bloggers now are discussing openly Coach Fox's future in the Classic City.

At this point, we're just playing out the string, but, if you can stomach another dismaying outing, you are invited to cheer on the Fox Hounds in the comments below. Pray that the Red and Black have given up losing for Lent.

Go 'Dawgs!