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Golf Dawgs stumble on Tuesday to finish 9th in Puerto Rico Classic

Puerto Rico is nice. It's the kind of place where one could get distracted by the scenery, both of a geographical and biological nature. That may have been what happened to the Men's Golf Team today, the final day of the Puerto Rico Classic.

Last week, we noted that the women had a very good Puerto Rico Classic, finishing second in that contest, but the men didn't fare so well after the ladies set the stage. How bad was the loss? Alabama won the event with an 18 SHOT LEAD over second place finisher Clemson. Over the three rounds, Alabama finished 30 under, and the Dawgs, for comparison, finished five over. More details on the event after the jump...

I surely don't mean to gush over the Tide, but they flat out dominated the field in Puerto Rico and it deserves to be talked about. They had four players finish in the top 10, including one who won the individual portion of the contest. Again, for comparison, UGA's top finisher was Keith Mitchell, who finished 14th.

We talked about it a little last week, but don't forget that this is a VERY young UGA team. They only have one junior on the squad, T.J. Mitchell, who finished with a 5-over 77, but his score was the non-counting score on the UGA team. So, you've got a young team who's trying to find their way after losing some big name players to the pros. In related news, basketball head coach Mark Fox "totally feels their pain, bro."

The men don't tee it up again until March 4 in the USF Invitational, which is the same day the ladies finish up their next event in Hilton Head, S.C.