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Monday Morning Dawg Bites, Presidents' Day Edition

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Good Monday morning and Happy Presidents Day, Dawg fans! Unless you happen to be a government employee, you'll probably be celebrating this holiday by earning some Presidents, so in the interest of concision, I will move right along to the news of the day. Not before your morning BAAAAAWWWWWWWW, though. Per Christian Robinson's twitter account, this is the not-a-puppy-anymore that Isaiah Crowell held up slightly more than a year ago on national signing day:

Everybody together now... bbaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww. (This picture has been lawya'd)

Now... on to the news!

  • In short, it was a good weekend to be a Georgia Bulldog. The baseball team completed a sweep of the Presbyterian College Blue Hose (winning a sort of game in the process that they lost far too frequently last year). The equestrian team defeated the defending national champions from Auburn (and the horses in on which they rode). The lacrosse teams took 4 of their 7 combined games over the weekend, and got to legally beat people with sticks in the process, so that ain't bad. The Gym Dogs managed to score well into the 197's in a crushing defeat of Kentucky, which is a definite step in the right direction. The softball team could only be held back by the weather, going 4-0 on the weekend with Sunday's game cancelled due to rain. And as for the women's swimming and diving team... all Jack Bauerle does is keep winning championships.
  • Now the bad news: Our basketball teams can't win jack. This has apparently become the style, now. (Not that it was ever not the style for the men... but still.)
  • Soccer news that Kyle can't get mad about: The UGA soccer team continues to add to its growing list of honors. Ashley Baker was once again called up to international duty with England for the Under-23 Four Nations tournament in La Manga, Spain. She is the only U.S.-based player to be called up for the Three Lions. Also, as previously reported, Nikki Hill will be playing for Canada in the upcoming CONCACAF qualifying tournament for the 2012 FIFA Under-20 World Cup. Good luck to these DGD's and their teams (except when they play the USA)!
  • Well, you know he's getting a Christmas card from the Postal Service: Back to football news... Nick Saban mailed 105 recruiting letters in one day to a recruit in Atlanta. Yes, I'm serious. No, it wasn't a mistake.
  • And speaking of football: I think this is a perfect metaphor for an SEC football schedule. "Aw, man this place is my playground (crashes into mountain)." Unless, of course, you're Georgia, then your schedule is LOL SO EASY.
  • It's the only thing worse than all the stupid puns: ESPN has reportedly sacked those responsible for including a racial slur in multiple articles about NBA rookie phenom Jeremy Lin. This is just about the only story you will ever see from me on the NBA, and I include it because it also mentions the suspension of Max Bretos, the sometimes-overrated-but-usually-entertaining ESPN anchor that got his start calling soccer matches for Fox Soccer Channel back in the pre-HD days. Apparently, Bretos used that same derogatory term live on ESPNews during an interview. Who knew that using a racially-based slur on national TV would be one of ESPN's taboos?
  • Finally, tomorrow is Mardi Gras, everybody! Remember not to accidentally sexually assault anybody during the festivities!

Have a great Monday, and...

Go Dawgs!