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The Hunt Seat Equitation On The Flat Report: #3 Georgia Completes Conference Sweep With Win Over #1 Auburn

Saturday morning the Dawgs rode into Auburn, AL seeking to sweep the #1 team in the country. The Auburn riders sought to defend their top ranking and hand the Dawgs their second loss of the year. Like Catherine the Great in the myth most commonly associated with her, the Auburn team began the day with the promise of an exciting encounter followed by a spectacular finish. Also like the mythical Catherine, the day ended in their demise...

On the day, both Auburn and Georgia scored 8 points. The tie was broken, however, with Georgia's victorious final raw score of 1564.25 to Auburn's 1562.75. The Dawgs were led to victory by the continued strong performances of Carly Anthony (who picked up her 9th MVP of the season in equitation on the flat) and Megan Hawkins (who picked up her third in horsemanship). The match was closely contested in all areas but the Dawgs' 16 point raw score victory in equitation on the flat proved to be the decisive blow.

Following a week that saw them complete a sweep of the #1 team in the country and a sweep of Southeastern Conference opposition, the Dawgs will be visited by Fresno State and Baylor next weekend in Bishop, GA. This will be followed by a trip to Dallas to face off against SMU and TCU which will see the Georgia riders frantically trying to avoid drug dealers, bags filled with eligibility jeopardizing cash, and Craig James.

Until next time... GO DAWGS!!!