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Georgia Bulldogs at South Carolina Gamecocks Basketball Game Night Open Comment Thread

How unimportant is the Georgia Bulldogs' men's basketball game against the South Carolina Gamecocks in the grand scheme of things? It matters so little that the game, which tips off in Columbia, S.C., at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, is being televised on CSS, which, honestly, is worse than not being televised at all.

For the Red and Black, however, this game matters a great deal. The Fox Hounds entered this season with no realistic expectation of earning a second straight NCAA Tournament bid, and they effectively have played themselves out of NIT contention, but a minor tournament remains a possibility, one which would benefit the team tremendously were the opportunity to be afforded.

This game is an absolute must-win for the newly-resurgent Bulldogs. Honestly, if Georgia can't beat a South Carolina team acknowledged by its own fans to be the worst in a watered-down SEC, the Hoop Dogs don't deserve any sort of postseason invitation, and they will not receive one. The Athenians may be in a "win and stay home" scenario, but they're certainly in no better than a "win or stay home" situation, so cheer on the Bulldogs in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!