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Sunday Softball Summary

On Friday night, the softball squad dispatched Army (12-0) in five innings. Bulldog senior Erin Arevalo recorded seven strikeouts, two hits, and one walk in five innings. Senior Kristyn Sandberg and freshman Gracie Goulder led the Bulldogs, going 2-for-2 with two runs and three RBIs. Junior Tess Sito went 2-for-3 and batted in one run.

On Saturday, the Dawgs beat Utah State (8-0) in five innings and St. John's (2-1) in eight. Sophomore Morgan Montemayor pitched against the Aggies, giving up only two hits against eight strikeouts. Second basewoman Ashley Pauly and catcher Kristyn Sandberg each batted in two runs. Senior Erin Arevalo gave up one run against the Red Storm but recorded eight strike-outs. The Bulldogs notched ten hits, but Kristyn Sandberg and junior Tess Sito batted the only runs in.

Although this morning's games were cancelled due to the unexpected cold, Georgia beat Campbell (10-1) but lost to NC State (2-3). Sito took the mound for the first time this year against Campbell, striking out seven batters and giving up only two hits. Kristyn Sandberg continued her impressive RBI streak, notching three against the Camels. Against the Wolfpack, Morgan Montemayor took the season's first loss despite tallying seven strike-outs.

If you're keeping score at home, our softball team went 4-1 for the weekend. I'd say that's not a bad start at all. Keep an eye on the softball team this year. The last time we won the SEC in softball, we also won in football.

Go Dawgs!