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Free Form Friday Is Bringing The Technology Of Tomorrow To The Tailgate Of Today.

Sometimes, there's no football. And it sucks. But if those of us here at Dawg Sports weren't driven shrieking for the hills by watching the last 2 weeks of Georgia Bulldog basketball, the 2010 Georgia Bulldog football season, or most of the Nic Cage film collection*, you can rest assured it's going to take more than a football-less Friday to bring us down. We may get a little punchy and start posting musical selections bordering on the absurdist (or which passed absurdist 3 rest stops back), but we will endure. Because we're stuck on you, loyal readers.

Maestro, if you will, the unexpected musical selection that's significantly less odd than Lawrence Welk's High Times moment or William Shatner channeling Elton John:

I learned several months ago that the folks at DARPA are developing a robo...actually I don't know what it is exactly. Whatever it is they are now field testing . . .it. It's called Alpha Dog, but I've seen a lot of dogs in my time and that thing looks nothing like any dog I've ever seen. If anything it looks like a Star Wars At-At if it were available in a convertible model:

I'm hoping that like a lot of military technology the Alpha Dog eventually works its way onto the civilian market. I say that because I plan to go in with my tailgate buddies on one. Seriously, can you imagine the cache that will come with being the first tailgate in Tent City with a robotic beer mule capable of toting 400 pounds of party gear? I'm also already on the waiting list for the drone aircraft that will send back intel letting me know how long the line at The Varsity is and whether I should take White Oak Drive back to the Macon Highway.

Speaking of mobile beings capable of moving large loads, SB Nation Atlanta's Alex Shirkey thinks the Falcons may grab Bulldog Ben Jones in the 2nd round of this April's NFL Draft. I think that makes way too much sense, so instead thry'll trade 6 picks to move up and take a #3 receiver in the 1st round. Oh, nevermind. That was last year's move. As Alex also mentions, there seems to be a good bit of early interest in Cordy Glenn, who I thought could have been a 3rd or 4th round pick if he came out last year. He only helped his stock by getting in better shape and staying healthy through 2011.

And speaking of cutting edge science, it's worth noting that the folks at the University of Georgia, having put us a fair piece down the road to curing cancer, have now figured out how to mend broken bones with silly putty. Okay, it's not actually silly putty, it's an injectible stem cell compound, but still. . .scoreboard, dude.

Your move, Mizzou and Texas A&M. You want in on this conference? You're going to need to sign top 20 football recruiting classes, take your fandom to heights which no reasonable human being would consider sane or safe, and move medical science forward a decade or more with regularity. Did Mike Slive not put that in the introductory memo?

Speaking of recruiting, it's no secret that Mark Richt needs defensive backs in his 2013 recruiting class and he needs them yesterday. To that end, Sandy Creek cornerback Shaq Wiggins is expected to unofficially visit Athens today. Wiggins already holds offers from not only Georgia but also Auburn, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Missouri and Tennessee. He may be the top cornerback in Georgia for 2013 so it would be pretty nice if he went ahead and decided to pledge to Georgia, which already has a nice amount of star power for the class of 2013. We'll keep you posted if news breaks. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!

*Seriously, part of the hazing ritual to get on the masthead here is watching every film Cage ever played in with the exception of Raising Arizona. Why? Because eating ground cinammon and walking barefoot on hot coals seemed too easy, that's why.