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Friday Dawg Bites: February 10, 2012

Good Friday morning, Dawg fans. (Well, not "Good Friday," per se, but good morning on a Friday, which we hope will be good for you and yours, and... well, let's just move on, shall we?)

Hey, you! Have a good Friday.

There are quite a few bits of news worthy of note today. To wit:

  • Former Bulldog Chris Sanders has officially enrolled at Georgia Military College, and though Mark Richt hasn't yet commented on the matter, Sanders is apparently under the impression that he may be able to return to Georgia after serving an appropriate penance in the (proverbial) wilderness. This leaves only Sanford Seay currently unspoken for.
  • BREAKING NEWS: James Franklin acts like a jerk, rails at an 18-year-old kid, then says he's sorta sorry (but not really). To borrow steal a phrase from tankertoad: Totally surprised.
  • ACTUAL, IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: Greg McGarity confirms in a public statement that there is a very real possibility that the SEC will completely drop all permanent cross-division rivalries. This would mean the end of multiple annual rivalries that pre-date the SEC itself, including the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry (Georgia-Auburn), the Third Saturday in October (Bama-Tennessee), and the Ole Miss-Vanderbilt rivalry. (James Franklin gets b*tchy in 5... 4... oh wait, he already has. Never mind.)
  • UGA President Michael Adams thinks that an 8-team playoff is possible within the next 2 years. It wouldn't surprise me if he were the one pushing for 8 teams instead of 4 in a "plus one" format. Dang, I love that man. (Please note the sarcasm font.)

That's about it for now... MaconDawg's famous offseason-open-comment thread known as Free Form Friday is coming up soon, so until then, have a good Friday!

Go Dawgs!