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Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 62, Georgia Bulldogs 54

The Georgia Bulldogs' basketball woes continued in Atlanta on Tuesday night, when the Fox Hounds fell to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 62-54.

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On Tuesday night, the Georgia Bulldogs traveled to Terminus to face the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in whatever they’re calling the gym that took the place of Alexander Memorial Coliseum, the name of which I’m not going to bother either to look up or to learn. I’ll be brief and to the point for the benefit of those of you who weren’t watching the game on ESPNU or following the action in the comment thread: Atlanta remains an inhospitable venue for the Red and Black, who fell to their in-state rivals by a 62-54 margin.

The Fox Hounds missed their first three shots in a game that featured little offense in the early going; five minutes into the contest, the Engineers held a 7-5 advantage. A Kenny Gaines three-pointer just inside the ten-minute mark pulled the Bulldogs within one point of the Ramblin’ Wreck, but the Golden Tornado extended their lead to nine over the course of the next four minutes. It only got worse after that, as Georgia Tech would hold a 35-22 edge at halftime.

It isn’t hard to figure out the source of the problem. Though both teams went nine of 26 from the field in the first half, the Yellow Jackets ran the floor on the ‘Dawgs and rained down treys, pouring in six of ten from beyond the arc while the Red and Black were held to one of nine shooting from three-point range. Georgia committed twice as many fouls (8-4), and Georgia Tech made the Athenians pay, draining eleven of 14 from the charity stripe prior to the break. The Classic City Canines committed more turnovers (6-2) and the North Avenue Nerds carded more assists (7-3), so it hardly mattered that Georgia had more rebounds (19-18) and more points in the paint (14-4) in the opening 20 minutes.

I could go on, but, you know what? Honestly, it didn’t get better from there. Oh, sure, there were times when it looked like something other than a complete embarrassment---a Brandon Morris jumper pulled the Hoop Hounds to within 48-42 with seven minutes to play, for instance, and a pair of Vincent Williams free throws cut the home team’s lead to 55-50 with two minutes remaining---but, really, there was no point in the second half at which the outcome appeared even remotely in doubt. At the end of the road, Georgia lost an eight-point ballgame that really wasn’t as close as the score indicated.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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