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This Week's College Football BlogPoll Ballot Finally Gives the Georgia Bulldogs Their Due

There are six SEC teams in the top ten. Deal with it.

Gripe all you like, you lousy turncoat S.O.B.
Gripe all you like, you lousy turncoat S.O.B.
John Sommers II

Because there were so few games played last weekend, I elected this week to begin with last week’s BlogPoll ballot and adjust accordingly. Ergo, without further fanfare, I submit the following as the top 25 teams in the land:

No. 1 Notre Dame (12-0), No. 5 Oregon (11-1), No. 8 Ohio State (12-0), No. 9 Texas A&M (10-2), and No. 10 South Carolina (10-2) boast basically the same resumes they did a week ago, so I left their respective poll positions unchanged . . . though I thought seriously about dropping the Buckeyes behind the Aggies and the Gamecocks, since Ohio State’s marquee win over the Cornhuskers now looks a whole lot worse and Texas A&M’s and South Carolina’s marquee wins over the Crimson Tide and the Bulldogs, respectively, now look a whole lot better. Ultimately, I grudgingly gave Urban Meyer’s team credit for its undefeated record, but it was a close call.

Speaking of Alabama (12-1) and Georgia (11-2), I told you I would advance the SEC Championship Game winner past Florida (11-1), but, after the way the game went, I moved both division champions ahead of the Gators. The Tide proved that they were no worse than the second-best team in college football, and the ‘Dawgs proved that they were the equal of that team, so, like Mark Richt, I voted Alabama second and Georgia third. Also, Florida can bite me.

I inched Kansas State (11-1) ahead of Louisiana State (10-2) on the strength of the Wildcats’ double-digit win over Texas (8-4), but the Longhorns slipped only to 23rd because, frankly, there just weren’t a lot of good options outside the top ten.

Speaking of the bottom 15 teams on my ballot, Stanford (10-2) moved ahead of Oklahoma (10-2) after the Cardinal bested the Bruins for the second time in as many weeks and the Sooners made it by Texas Christian by merely a touchdown. UCLA (9-4) dropped only as far as 22nd due to the closeness of the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Losses by my 13th- and 14th-ranked teams from a week ago were all that allowed Oregon State (9-3) to move up after throttling a Division I-AA patsy, while Northern Illinois (12-1) took the spot previously occupied by the Kent State squad the Huskies outlasted for the MAC championship. The Golden Flashes dropped out of the poll because I don’t rank two-loss teams when one of their losses was to Kentucky by 33 points.

I wanted to drop Florida State (11-2) after the Seminoles got by Georgia Tech only by six points, but there were no other good options for the top 15, so the Tribe stayed put. Clemson (10-2) seemed to fit right behind FSU, and a lack of quality alternatives forced me to move Boise State (10-2) up one notch in spite of the Broncos’ struggles with Nevada. Northwestern (9-3) similarly rose by inertia alone, whereas Nebraska (10-3) plummeted eleven spots because getting blown out by a middling Wisconsin team will do that to your ranking.

Left without adequate options, I was forced to reward mid-majors. (Yes, I count the Big East champion as a mid-major.) Louisville (10-2) managed to stumble bass-ackwards into the conference championship by beating Rutgers and sparing me the obligation to continue pretending the Scarlet Knights are any good. Utah State (10-2), San Jose State (10-2), and Conference USA champion Tulsa (10-3) filled out the rest of my top 25, leaving Arkansas State (9-3) waiting in the wings after the Sun Belt champion Red Wolves throttled the Middle Tennessee State team that skunked Georgia Tech.

I am, as always, open to constructive criticisms, which are welcome in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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