The Hunt for Red (and Black) in December: Dawg Movies

DavetheDawg posted that:

The Blair Walsh Project [was] the scariest movie of 2011.

I then posted:

Some pretty scary titles were released in 2011. “Forbidden Tailback” was scary, as was Spurrier’s “Clowney.” “Dawgs Love Strange Stuff or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bong” became a cult classic in the offseason, and nobody ever knows how a show like “Malcome up the Middle” will work out. And there’s always the dreaded, “The Incompetent Booth,” which, if not made by a Moore, is definitely made by a moron.

Then Chuck said he wished he could post this to the front page, so I decided to post this and open up the floor. What other Dawg titles came out last year? What about this year and other years gone by? And what about other teams? Did you see this year's touching remake of "Saban: Plain and Small?" or how about "Home Alone," which is a sad and poignant Christmas tale about this year's Auburn football team? Feel free to add your own classic titles in the comments.

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