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A Treasury Of SEC Christmas Carols, Part 1.

'Tis the season to look back upon another season of SEC football. I hope you've all been good this year. If not, Santa Gus will be forced to fill your stocking with coal, switches, and under-achieving 5-star recruits.

To get you in the Christmas spirit I am proud to present this first of what I can only hope will be a series of seasonal SEC carols. So gather your family in front of a roaring fire, maybe toast some marshmallows, and join in with the joyful tidings. The music and lyrics are below. Hope you enjoy, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

Doorbells ring, are you hearing?

By the door, dufflebags appearing ;

A beautiful sight;

Trooper needs an answer tonight;

Walking in an Auburn wonderland!

On our way, to Coach Dye's place;

I smell Dickel, when he's in my face;

When you get a chance;

Ask him to put on some pants;

Walking in an Auburn Wonderland!

Maybe later we can hire a bag man;

He'll go out and stuff some offering plates;

We'll get tons of recruits with our bag man;

That Danny Sheridan's a gambling reprobate!

Later on, we'll conspire;

Right now our program, is a tire fire;

Chizik way-layed;

The plans that we made;

Walking in an Auburn wonderland!

The NCAA, gives a grilling;

But your guidance counselor, could make a killing;

Just ask Jimmy Rane;

Cause he feels our pain;

Walking in an Auburn wonderland!

Walking in an Auburn . . .wonder . . .land!!!!

War Eagle!

{All cry softly, go ahead with getting ready for work at the sewage treatment plant}

La Fine.