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First Look: 2014 Linebacker Raekwon McMillan

Here at Dawg Sports we'll continue to follow recruiting for the class of 2013 right up to Signing Day and beyond. But that won't stop us from also keeping a watchful eye on the future. This is the first in a series of posts on some of the premiere prospects you'll be hearing about in the future. Today's subject: Liberty County linebacker Raekwon McMillan.


Raekwon McMillan is likely to be the consensus top player in the state of Georgia for the class of 2014. 247Sports in fact has already slotted him in as the top player in Georgia and the #2 available inside linebacker for the class of 2014.

The play beginning at the 1:05 mark, in which McMillan comes off the edge, strips the ball, picks it up and returns it across the field for the score is worth watching all by itself. But the above highlights from McMillan's junior season provide an overall picture of an athlete with the size and strength to stuff the run and the speed and athleticism to rush the passer from the outside. He's versatile enough to play any of the four linebacker spots in Todd Grantham's 3-4, and should be physically ready to play from the day he steps on campus. Any campus.

Speaking of which, McMillan already counts offers from a who's who of college football, including not only the Georgia Bulldogs but also Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State and Notre Dame. Ohio State will almost certainly be a player for McMillan, as he's already taken some trips up to the Buckeye State. However, Columbus is a long way from Hinesvile. In the end I might be more concerned about Florida or Alabama, teams which use similar schemes to Georgia's. There's also the fact that Georgia appears set to sign a host of inside linebackers in this class, including Johnny O'Neal, Reggie Carter, and potentially Reuben Foster. Let's hope that McMillan, like other guys with an offer list wider than the marshes of southeast Georgia, knows that he'll face competition anywhere.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!