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Georgia Bulldogs v. Iona Gaels Basketball Game Day Open Comment Thread

This afternoon, Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs welcome the Iona Gaels to Stegeman Coliseum. Yes, you're still expected to care about basketball.

"Hey! We're still here! Join in the comment thread, all right?"
"Hey! We're still here! Join in the comment thread, all right?"
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Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs have been away from the hardwood for a few days, so you may have forgotten about what, frankly, has been a pretty forgettable basketball season so far for the Red and Black, but the Hoop Hounds will be back at it in Stegeman Coliseum at 5:00 p.m. in a game televised on CSS, which more or less means it isn't televised, or, at least, my ability to watch it on television is dependent upon vineyarddawg telling me which DirecTV channel is the channel for CSS, because it's, like, Channel 9,000,003, or something.

Today's game is against the Iona Gaels, which, yeah, I don't know, either. I'm pretty sure I had a great aunt named Iona, and I'm not sure the Gaels are actual people, since I'm pretty sure Hugh Kenner said Gaelic wasn't an actual language, it was just the way they mispronounced Irish in Scotland. Anyway, this will be the first meeting ever between Georgia and the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference squad, and the Bulldogs are looking to improve upon their atrocious 2-6 record.

You may follow the game here, and you are encouraged to join in the comments below. Please. Really.

Go 'Dawgs!