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Crock Pot Recruiting

I follow recruiting to the point where I will actually pay good money to keep up on the latest blue-chip prospects that might play for the Red and Black. I also like my Crock Pot. In honor of a currently committed prospect, here's a 5-star recipe that has touchdown written all over it.

In the comment section of my 15 Thoughts post last Sunday, I casually threw out the idea of posting a recipe or two - mostly as a joke. I must say that this idea was not summarily tossed away by some of you faithful readers of Dawgsports. In fact, your immediate reaction was inspiring! So, I got to thinking (which is no small feat) and decided that since we're heading towards another top-tier recruiting class (epic?), I thought I'd put a little spin on things. Now, I'm no MaconDawg when it comes to breaking down prospective recruits, but I'm deadly with certain cooking appliances. Put the two together - recruiting and cookin' - and I think we have ourselves a winning combination.


Jonathon Rumph Roast

Our 29th committed recruit of the 2013 season is a Holmes Community College ('sup, Holmes!), Goodman, MS - Wide-Receiver. Jonathon Rumph is 6' 5" tall and weighs between 210-215. Yes, he's a tall drink of water and could probably use a few more pounds, but he runs a 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds and has height. You can't coach that. His top-end speed is probably fast enough when he gets those long legs striding. Where this kid could really make his mark is in the red zone. Rumph is a highly coveted talent, with offers from many SEC schools, including Alabama, Florida and Arkansas. His recruiter is Tony Ball and he chose the Dawgs back on November 21. I'd say he chose wisely. Welcome aboard!

In honor of this fine young man's wisdom and desire to attend the University of Georgia, and to hopefully inspire him to make many catches in the future, I present to you the Jonathon Rumph Roast. (Also, a shoutout to 'hailtogeorgia' of our editors, who co-authored the naming of this dish and is probably related to me somehow because he's from Screven County and I've got 1,237 cousins from there.)

This should feed 4, but if you have leftovers you'll be glad...

1 - Round Eye Roast. I generally chose a smallish one because I'm only cooking for me and Mrs. DtD.
1 - package of Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix. DO NOT use the Spring Vegetable Soup Mix. It just isn't the same.
1 - 15 oz. can of tomato sauce.
Good Red Wine (Merlot, Beaujolais, Pinot Noir. For the love of Louis Jadot, don't use that cooking red wine.)
1 - medium to large onion, coarsely sliced

In a Crock Pot (I have a 5 quart), add the tomato sauce and then fill the can 1/2 full with the wine. Pour it all in, and then mix in the vegetable soup mix. Then, add your onion and place the roast (fatty side down) in the bottom of the Crock Pot. Make sure the roast contacts the bottom of the pot.

If you can, cook on low for 8-10 hours. Ideally, before you leave for work, set it up so it can cook nice and slow all day. If you are a bit pressed for time, it'll be done in 6-7 hours on high.

Serve with mashed potatoes. Add some peas or a nice tossed salad. Perhaps some applesauce on the side. Don't forget that lovely bottle of red wine you purchased.

Folks, it's that simple. It makes a fantastic gravy and I promise you'll eat more mashed potatoes with this than you ever thought possible.

I do hope you can give this a try and perhaps you'll enjoy this tasty dish on Friday or over the weekend. Don't forget to tell your friends. We do try to be a full-service blog. I've learned much myself over the years and my grammer and sintax has improvement imensly.

We'll see how this one plays out because I've got as many recipes as we have recruits rolling in this year.

(In my best Paula Deen accent) Bon Appetit, y'all and GO DAWGS!

P.S. - Nebraska fans are welcome to try this, too. Auburn fans, follow directions, but substitute a tin of Spam for the roast.