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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites - 12.12.12 Edition

Well folks, we find ourselves at a unique instance of our hump day Dawg Bites, with the month, date, and year coinciding for the last time in this century. As I'm sure you'll notice on facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites (does anyone use myspace anymore? what's Britney doing with her life?) people seem to be obsessed with these sorts of occasions, so let's jump on down to a few different links to help you start your day.

'Oh, come on! This again? It's a simple mathematical certainty! It's happened for the past eleven years! Give me a break! Hasn't the novelty worn off yet?'
'Oh, come on! This again? It's a simple mathematical certainty! It's happened for the past eleven years! Give me a break! Hasn't the novelty worn off yet?'
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To begin with, in case you missed it, Jarvis Jones was named an AP All-American for the second consecutive year this year. He's only the fourth Georgia player to receive the honor twice, and he's the eighth in Mark Richt's tenure as head coach. Since the AP began giving awards in 1927, Georgia's had thirty All Americans...think about that...eight of them have come in the past twelve years. I'll take it.

Marc Weiszer also highlights the large number of Dawgs selected to play in All-Star games this winter. This just further emphasizes the talent we had on this squad in 2012...we're going to miss these guys, and they were all Damn Good Dawgs.

While we're certainly proud of Jarvis for his accomplishments, and it's nice to see a large number of Georgia players participating in offseason all-star games, we should all be even more proud of this stat: 39 Bulldog players will graduate on Friday. In a world where sport and accomplishments on the field almost always trump doing things right in the classroom, this is great to see, and another testament as to why we should be thankful that Mark Richt is leading our troops.

In news from other sports, former Diamond Dog Jeff Keppinger has agreed to a three year deal with the Chicago White Sox. It's always good to see our baseball players succeeding at the next level. Kepp will join fellow Dawg Gordon Beckham in the White Sox infield, and we hope to see them both succeed.

Seth Emerson wraps up Georgia's top 10 coming decisions for us, and while we don't agree on the number one pick, I can't say that they're a bad group of choices.

Speaking of Seth's number one, he also has a link to Mel Kiper's review of Aaron Murray's draft prospects. Personally, I'd be shocked if Murray ends up leaving early this year, but hey, stranger things have happened (I'm looking at you, Jevan Snead).

Fellow SBNation blog 'Corn Nation' has a response to Kyle's keys to victory for the Capital One Bowl, and while I disagree with Jon's notion that forcing Aaron Murray to throw the ball will be advantageous for the Huskers (I think he's proven he can carve just about anyone's secondary), it's not a bad list.

Over at the Times Free Press in Chattanooga, former favorite son Tee Martin may have just signed his death wish, shunning a position coaching for the Vols to stay with the ever-loathed Lane Kiffin at USC. For all of you who were upset when Kirby declined the DC position in Athens, and when Muschamp talked trash from Gainesville...where would this rank on the scale of disgust?

In honor of today's date, I'm gonna take it back old school, with all you 70s and 80s babies getting a blast from the past. For those of you who were parents of the aforementioned babies, you may remember something like this mixed with bourbon as well:

Have a happy hump day, everyone, and, as always...

Go Dawgs!