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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 14

We end the season the same way we began it: With R.E.M. and getting amped out of our freakin' minds!

Sam Greenwood

Its a mighty big weekend for Dawg Nation as our beloved Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide for the SEC Championship. At 8 O'Clock tonight, either all will be right with the world again or we'll be very disappointed (though to what level depends heavily on the team's performance). Prior to that, you should take a moment to enjoy what will be the last real Saturday morning of the football season -- perhaps with some beverages and grilled delicacies.

So take a deep breath, bask in the moment, and get ready to lose your freakin' mind at 4 pm. This is your way-too-early gameday open comment thread (should you choose to partake) and the soundtrack for your Bama beatin', McCarron weepin', Championship winnin' Saturday morning.

And for the last time this year...



The winner of this week's caption contest will receive one badass crystal football!

Get ready... its almost here. GOOOO DAWGS!!!