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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites Will Care About the Presidential Election When the Electoral College Fields a Football Team

Who cares about politics when the Auburn Tigers are talking smack, Jarvis Jones is gunning for All-American accolades, and Doug and Holly are getting engaged? We bring you all the news that matters for the Georgia Bulldogs.

With any luck, we'll be seeing a lot of this expression on the Jordan-Hare Stadium sideline this Saturday night.
With any luck, we'll be seeing a lot of this expression on the Jordan-Hare Stadium sideline this Saturday night.

If you’re like me, you were watching the Ball St. Cardinals take on the Toledo Rockets last night instead of following the election returns, but, since it’s necessary for us to acknowledge that the voters went to the polls yesterday, we should at least take note of the way that Georgia football influences presidential elections. That’s as political as we’re going to get around here, though, so it’s time to turn our attention to this Wednesday morning edition of Dawg Bites:

As you will hear on the podcast when it is posted later today, I am concerned that the Georgia defense seems to require extra motivation before playing up to its potential. The Bulldogs’ three best games defensively followed Sheldon Richardson’s comment about "old man football," James Franklin’s postgame obnoxiousness towards Red and Black athletes and coaches, and Shawn Williams’s accurate comments about the Classic City Canines’ softness. Would additional incentive be provided to the Athenians prior to the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry? Uh, yeah:

For the record, the largest margin of victory in series history was Auburn’s 44-0 triumph over Georgia in 1900. I want to eclipse that mark with a beatdown so absolute that it makes last year’s game look like a nailbiter.

Speaking of the aforementioned Sheldon Richardson, have you ever wanted to see him getting a hug from Will Muschamp? No? Well, then, how about Garrison Smith saluting with attitude? Of course you do! Head on over to Sunday Morning Quarterback’s photo essay from the weekend that was in college football.

When the BlogPoll was released yesterday, it was notably lacking in surprises. The Alabama Crimson Tide received 74 of 83 first-place votes, including mine, and the rest were parceled out among No. 2 Oregon, No. 3 Kansas State, No. 4 Notre Dame, and No. 7 Ohio State. The Buckeyes checked in behind fifth-ranked Georgia and sixth-ranked Florida, with South Carolina capturing the No. 12 spot.

The Georgia sports information staff is getting the word out on Jarvis Jones's All-American candidacy (.pdf). The junior linebacker leads the nation in forced fumbles and tackles for loss, and, in SEC play, he leads the league in sacks and TFL. After Jones’s career day in Jacksonville, Vince Dooley remarked, perhaps somewhat hyperbolically: "I think his performance against Florida was the greatest overall performance by a defensive player in the history of Georgia football." Here’s hoping Jones cements his candidacy for the numerous honors for which he is in line with a dominant performance on the Plains.

If yesterday’s practice was any indication, a one-sided contest may be in the cards, as Georgia looked good in Tuesday’s pregame preparations. Meanwhile, Auburn is resigned to its fate. In other Bulldog sports news, Mark Fox’s Hoop Hounds would love to have you in the building for Friday night’s opener, for which there will be an open comment thread here at Dawg Sports.

Finally, the blogosphere was pleased to receive this bit of welcome news:

It’s always nice when two people who faked an engagement wind up actually engaged! In all seriousness, Holly Anderson and Doug Gillett are two of my favorite people among the many wonderful folks I have met through sports blogging, and all of us here at Dawg Sports send them our very best wishes regarding this great news.

Go ‘Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

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