Shifting Gears: Revving up Our Trucks

I'll have a few hate poems to go later this week; I don't hate Auburn the same way I hate Florida, so I probably won't do as much. 2010 really launched my Auburn hate, though, and last year's beat-down of them only made me want more. I am glad that we beat Ole Miss, but now it's time to shift gears and rev up the trucks. This post will not be extraordinary, but it is still special to me because it is my 50th FanPost. Most of you staffers probably passed that mark a long time ago, but since I never expected to find a home here, I'm thankful for the opportunity to post this Auburn Hate Week kick-off post.

Many of y'all know I'm one of the youngest people on here, so I do not have decades of bad Auburn memories. 2010 is what sticks in my mind--and my craw; I'm pretty sure I posted this video sometime last year, and it should still get the blood--and hatred--pumping this year:

Auburn's Dirty Plays vs. Georgia 2010 (via CFBTruth)

And here is an inspirational (and, at times, incoherent) video of Cam Newton addressing this year's Auburn team that should warm the cockles of your hearts:

Cam Newton Talks to Auburn Team (via AuburnAthletics)

Many of y'all are familiar with the "Squidbillies" "Auburn Sucks" song; here is a lovely combination that was meant to be made because Mark Richt likes driving his truck too:

Richt's Truck (Auburn Sucks) (via magicb0y)

Speaking of combinations that were meant to be, here is a combination that is the real answer to Cam Newton's "dash" ramblings. Hopefully, the dash that Cammy Cam was talking about in his heart-warming speech refers to the dash between the fees for his services he was willing to accept for his play this man, who doesn't care for Auburn:

So let's rev up those trucks and drive them all the way to Atlanta, Dawgs.

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