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Post Game Quick Takes

A handful of quick takes from today's homecoming victory.

Scott Cunningham

I thought I would throw in some of my "hotwash" takes based on my memory without looking too much into the data, so here we go:

This team started slow, and scared us, but once they found the zone, I was very impressed. Aaron Murray got sacked and things were looking bad, and then boom went the dynamite. I really liked the positive high energy team love I saw in the 4th Quarter. That's the piece that's been missing. I mean, McGowan was getting head pats for a successful fair catch! The team seemed to really get in the zone, and like, become a team. I really like it.

Marshall Morgan, I still love you, but I will have to credit you for what may have been the worst field goal I have ever seen. But good job on the PATs!

I thought our O line was the biggest problem before the season, and well, I am still thinking the O Line is the biggest problem. I will give credit to Coach Bobo for looking for things that worked, and using them. It looks like the pistol is abandoned (the first time we ran it Gurley and Murray went different directions on the play action, oops), but we have brought back the old play action I and I mostly liked it. The deep pass was there, and we USED IT!!!

Aaron Murray - seeing you run a little, step up in the pocket, and that last TD - very good. Your feet were a former asset, and you used them well. Really great day for you.

Flea Flicker - no.

Malcolm Mitchell running very fast and catching a ball - unstoppable. T King's double move with Aaron Murray putting air under the ball - that's NFL level.

4 back to back turnovers followed by bombs. That's was a wild ride.

We saw tight end and fullback action. I have nothing to say except Hell Yea. If the power I play action formation means we use all the assets, good, very good.

I would like us to settle on our offensive identity, but it seems our defense is really finding out it can be a dominate force for real and serious. 'Tree looked like a for real force of nature. It seems to be coming together. The offense found that the green notebook has a lot more plays and if our identity is a mix and match of 50 plays, I'm ok with that.

Going for the end zone with 20 seconds left in the half - thank you Coach Richt.

It was a good day in Athens. I think we as fans earned one. I hope we have a really good day at Auburn. They also deserve to be beat down. The pieces are all coming together, or at least have shown they exist. Complete games are the next step, and that one was very close. Finally.....