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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 10

Drive-By Truckers remind the Ole Miss fanbase that we ain't never gonna change...


As we rumble toward this afternoon's clash between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Mississippi Rebels, both enthusiasm and trepidation are sweeping Bulldog Nation. Georgia could easily come out of the tunnel and blow the Rebels out. Or they could show up and wet the bed. Its just been that kind of season... you never quite know which team you're going to see.

All that said, Georgia is going to take the field and do what Georgia does: run the ball down the opposing team's throat, chuck the ball long on first down, get after the opposing QB, and probably run up the gut on 3rd and long. The level of success Georgia experiences may be up in the air, but in terms of strategy... we ain't never gonna change. So feel free to take this week's musical selection in that vein... or if you prefer, look at it as an anthem for a blogging community that chooses not to throw up a stream of profanity like a 3rd grader and believe that it passes for clever, humorous dialogue.

This is your way-too-early gameday open comment thread and the soundtrack for your Ole Miss destroyin', Admiral Ackbarin', Drive-By Truckin' Saturday morning.

"We ain't never gonna change
so shut your mouth and play along


But wait... there's more:



Enjoy the game y'all. And GOOOO DAWGS!