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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites - 'Three Days' Edition

Well folks, we find ourselves just three days away from the biggest game in Georgia Bulldogs football in the last three decades. As has been discussed numerous other places, if the Dawgs win this one, we get to tee it up against Notre Dame on January 7th in Miami. If you're like me, you've had trouble concentrating at work all week, and the majority of your time is spent searching for any article about the Dawgs and the game that you can find. On top of that, you're probably spending a lot of time around the watercooler talking to your coworkers about possible outcomes, who you think will win, what you're scared of (Aaron Murray vs. ranked opponents, anyone?) and whether our defense's strong showing over the past month is due to better play or down competition. Given that I'm not in the States, finding anyone to discuss college football with is increasingly difficult, so it was certainly a welcome change that I got to meet up with longtime Dawgsports member and commenter, fotodog, for beers and some Georgia football discussion in Hong Kong last night. Two people on the other side of the globe from their homes, brought together solely because of a shared interest in University of Georgia football...pretty cool. Anyway, let's get to some links, shall we?

It's good!
It's good!

Starting things off, if you missed any of the content yesterday at DawgSports, you missed some goodies. T. Kyle brought us his preview of the Dawgs and the Tide, noting some of the historical context of the game. Spears posted his game picks for the weekend in this week's Don't Bet On It!, and Kyle gave his updated Top 25 Blogpoll, in which he uses teams' resumes to decide where each team should be placed and OMG HE HAS FLORIDA ABOVE GEORGIA AND ALABAMA WHAT KIND OF DAWG FAN IS THIS I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IDIOT WHAT A JOKE IF I WANTED UNBIASED RANKINGS I'D GO TO THE PRINCETON REVIEW.

While researching for ways I could tie in the title of today's Dawg Bites with campy references, I learned that there's a movie from 2001 with longtime DawgSports siren Kristin Davis titled 'Three Days', which is neat. Apparently she dies, then comes back to life for three days, only to die again. It's kinda like A Christmas Carol meets Jesus, but in a hot body. Or something like that. The fact that a random thought pointed to a woman Kyle's lusted after since as long as I've been coming to this site can only be a good omen for this weekend, right?

Over at dogbytesonline, they've been pumping out the content. Marc Weiszer has an article on the second chance the defense gets in this year's SEC title game, as well as noting that Georgia does have a few players who are banged up...and they're notable ones, for sure...especially this one, as the Senator notes. Finally, Weiszer completes his trifecta with another article noting the comparison that Georgia's John Jenkins (Big Bad John) has drawn to Terrance Cody.

Over at Bulldogs Blog, Seth Emerson has a few good articles, first highlighting the history between Georgia's offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo, and Alabama's defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart. There are also a couple of good videos, one of Todd Grantham after practice discussing the Tide and Nick Saban, and another of Bobo talking a little more about Smart and his preparation for the game Saturday. Seth also highlights the confidence that the gents on our Junkyard D are showing heading into the game, and I particularly like his editorial comment at the end of the article. There's also a pretty interesting piece on Jordan Jenkins, who formerly listed Alabama as his number one school before Todd Grantham and Jarvis Jones swayed him away from the Dark Side.

If you haven't seen, the Powerball jackpot is up to around half a billion dollars for the Wednesday night drawing. I'll be putting in some orders for a few tickets from Hong Kong, for sure. If nothing else, the lottery gives you the chance to hope and dream, turning into a bit of a kid again with all of the 'what would you do?' scenarios.

Over at the Worldwide Leader, Herbie has a preview of the showdown on Saturday. Don't look now, but for everyone who's been saying ESPN has all but written in Alabama as the SEC representative in the national title game against Notre Dame, it certainly sounds like Herbstreit has a different opinion.

Finally, for some Atlanta news, this is pretty cool.

For your musical treat, we'll spin back around to the title, with one of my favorite Jane's Addiction songs, 'Three Days'. Enjoy one of Dave Navarro's best guitar solos ever, have a happy hump day, and, as always...Go Dawgs!