Are we the Rodney Dangerfield of elite college football programs?

Remember the week before the Florida game when almost everybody was predicting we were gonna get crushed by the resurgent Gators?

My co-worker who's a Vandy grad said to me something to the effect of, "as one SEC also-ran to another, good luck with Florida Saturday."

I told him it was premature to put Georgia into SEC also-ran status at that point and told him to wait until the following Monday to make that assessment. He said his comment was based on the fact that Georgia was always coming up just short of greatness among its SEC brethren. "Have y'all ever even been to an SEC championship game?" he asked.

Caught somewhat off guard by his ignorance (feigned or for real) of our hardware collected in the Mark Richt era, I told my co-worker we had been to multiple SEC championships and had in fact won a couple.

(With this year's date with destiny, we will have represented the East five of the last 11 games, ahead of Florida, 3, Tennessee, 2, and Carolina, 1. Denizens of this online community will say, and rightly so, that we have underachieved and disappointed ourselves by not winning the whole enchilada more than twice, but that's for us to say, not some random Vandy fan.)

Needless to say, my favorite Commodore had nothing to say to me the following Monday when the "also-ran" narrative had gone off the track.

I'm feeling this week a lot like I felt during Hate Week. I can't help believing we actually have a pretty good shot at winning, even though everyone else, from the betting public on down to most of the sports commentator blow-hairs, believes otherwise.

It's definitely us against the world, and I am absolutely loving the fact that our guys are in position to turn the world upside down Saturday.

It may come to no good end, and I may have to finally have that conversation with my colleague next Monday, but right now it feels good to still have a chance to win it all.

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