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Monday Morning Dawg Bites Did Some Math This Weekend

Efficiency FTW: the Dawgs scored eight times as many points per possession minute as did the Jackets.

Rambo composing bulletin board material for Bama fans' locker rooms
Rambo composing bulletin board material for Bama fans' locker rooms
Scott Cunningham

There was no change in the top five of the BCS standings, despite the fact that Georgia's and Bama's season-ending contests games match-ups events against their instate rivals did little to help the victors' computer rankings.

Here at Dawg Sports, RedCrake wasted no time after celebrating the beatdown of the Trade School and set to work studying Alabama, starting with their having ridden an easy schedule into the SEC Championship game.

So Georgia's got a big football game coming up Saturday with lots of implications, thanks to astronomy, I guess. Dawg Bites tips the hat to member dawgfan17 for ESPN's take on star alignment, published after 9 last night. Of course, our own DavetheDawg already had his own astronomical star chart out by noon. Just sayin'.

Richt and Saban had a coachspeak showdown for the press last night. In a shocking development, both men think the other's team is really good. Bacarri Rambo, on the other hand, expressed a stronger opinion.

Meanwhile, the papers in Alabama have begun their weeks-long coverage of the inevitable Bama-Notre Dame national championship game. I suppose it's destiny, since the Crimson Tide are the only team in the SEC Championship Game with any significant history with Notre Dame. Because, you know, Georgia's played against the Fighting Irish only once.

Dawg and Tide fans will never forget the teams' last meeting, which has been popular blog and message-board fodder for four years. Of course, it's come up in comments here at Dawg Sports, and Bernie's Dawg Blog examines that 2008 game's impact, vel non [/TKK'd], on Saturday's game.

Bask in the glorious win over Tech and the bountiful opportunities awaiting our Dawgs and share your own Interwebs finds in the comments below.