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Georgia Tech Is Coming For Our Women!

Now they've gone too far!


It is a well known fact that (with one notable exception) all the female "talent" in Georgia stays the hell away from North Avenue and finds their way to Athens. However, the Trade School is now trying to change all that by preying on the fears of parents and swaying them to send their daughters to Georgia Tech in a new promotional video:

I, for one, am furious that the Georgia Institute of Technology would attempt to exploit the social and physical shortcomings of their current "student body" in this manner. Nonetheless, we must now defend our women! We must defend their right to come to Athens! We must defend their normal, natural, and healthy inclination to drink large, fruity beverages and make bad decisions!

It begins with us, the DawgSports commentariat! Join the cause in the comments section as we list all of the ways that the University of Georgia is superior to these pocket-protected interlopers in the hopes that the parents of Georgia's brightest co-eds will see the light. Save the future women of UGA from what is certainly a fate worse than death!