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The Monday To Do List: Well, That Was Nice.

Find out what you need to do once you recover from a manic weekend of college football.

Steve Dykes

If it's Monday, it's time to find out what college football tasks you need to get taken care of before moving on with your work week. It was quite the Saturday of course, especially for SEC fans. Really, the rest of you thought you were sick of us before. Now that we have teams queued up in the BCS standings like 747s at Hartsfield Airport, we're gonna be that much more humble. Speaking of which, in no particular order, you need to . . .

Start worrying about Tech. Somehow or another the 6-5 Yellow Jackets have backed stinger-first into an ACC divisional title and a slot in the ACC Championship Game. Which is sponsored by TGI Friday's and played in Murfreesboro. Actually, I'm pretty sure that last sentence was inaccurate but I have neither the time nor inclination to uncover the truth. Though if it were in Murfreesboro that would allow me to make more Middle Tennessee State jokes at the Yellow Jackets' expense, which would be nice.

All that being said, I am utterly terrified that we're going to come out unfocused for this game. It's already been a very distracting week, and it's not going to get any more quiet. Tech may not be the best team going right now, but they are in a position to ruin our season, which is about as good as it gets for Georgia Tech fans.

Start worrying about the Bowl picture. There is a sickening scenario playing out in my nightmares. It involves Notre Dame beating a Matt Barkley-less USC, Florida beating Florida State, and Georgia falling to Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Under such a turn of events Georgia could fall behind Florida in the BCS standings and go from playing for a national championship to playing in the Outback Bowl. I like the Outback, but I like the Sugar better. And I am nauseated by the notion that we can fall into the 3rd or 4th bowl slot. But lose to the Tide and it could happen.

Watch Les Miles' postgame rant from this weekend again. That would be the 7th time. My first reaction was shock. Then horror. Now it is just awesomely Les.

Read Minnesota receiver A.J. Barker's rant. It is also spectacular, both in length and breadth of stream of consciousness rage at head Gopher Jerry Kill. Have a look. Then ask yourself what the odds are of Barker now finding another head coach at a major college who'll find a spot for him. That may be unfair, and Kill may in fact be some sort of manipulative psycho. But the exit of Minnesota's leading receiver will likely make him radioactive among other coaches.

Puzzle over the Oregon/Stanford result as it relates to upset prediction. Check the box score. Oregon managed to lose despite holding a convincing lead in turnover margin and being even or close to it in total offense and penalty yardage. At least Kansas State had the decency to lose the way a favored heavyweight is supposed to: by coughing up the football and passing out yardage like pez. The Ducks however never really appeared to be on the ropes, nor in control. They played a decent game against a good opponent and just couldn't pull it off. College football, you never cease to surprise me. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!