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Georgia/Georgia Southern Post Game/Evening Comment Thread.

The Georgia Bulldogs moved to 10-1 on the season following a 45-14 throttling of the Georgia Southern Eagles. There's still plenty of college football to be watched, and discussed. This is the place to do just that.

Scott Cunningham

Things began a little rocky in Athens this afternoon, but ultimately played out according to expectations. Among the items of interest:

  • The Bulldogs did not punt the ball until the 13:00 mark of the fourth quarter.
  • Georgia scored 21 points in the third quarter to blow the game open. They have now outscored opponents in the third frame 141-27 and have scored 21 points 4 times in the third.
  • Aaron Murray finished another efficient outing by going 19 of 29 passing for 341 yards, his fourth 300+ yard day of the season, three of which have come in the last five contests.
  • The Bulldogs broke the school record for touchdowns in a season with three contests left on the year. Mike Bobo will celebrate tonight by watching a mashup of 3rd down tailback draws and popping open a bottle of Yoohoo. He's gangsta like that.
  • A host of young Bulldogs got to play, nobody seems to have been seriously injured, and the defense got some good live fire practice before facing Georgia Tech's triple option offense next week . The difference of course is that Georgia Southern may run that offense better than the Yellow Jackets right now.
Feel free to post your own observations from the contest as well as your in-game thoughts from the contests still going on around college football. As usual, it's great to be a Georgia Bulldog!

Go 'Dawgs!