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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 12

As we march toward season's end, the Georgia Bulldogs must dispatch the Georgia Southern Eagles (though we bear no ill will for our Statesboro brethren) en route to destroying the Nerds and taking on the Tide in Atlanta.

Polly wanna cracker?
Polly wanna cracker?
Mike Zarrilli

With only two weeks left in the regular season and our Georgia Bulldogs in the national title conversation (at least on the periphery), I find myself nostalgic for the days of yore... more specifically, the 1980's. It is in that spirit that this week's Saturday Morning Soundtrack is an entire R.E.M. concert from 1985 (well, that and the spirit of MaconDawg having already used the only Georgia Southern-specific musical selection). The concert features a great performance of Feeling Gravity's Pull (which I hope the Dawgs will not) and a cover of Paint It Black (which I certainly hope the Dawgs will) in the encore. In between we get a veritable smorgasbord of tracks from Murmur, Reckoning, and Fables. Its pretty great throughout. So grab some beverages and watch a few hundred Germans lose their minds to the melodious sounds of Athens, GA circa 1985!

Should you feel the need, feel free to share your feelings about today's games, the season in general, or that crazy rock and roll music all the youngsters seem so keen on these days. This is your way-too-early gameday open comment thread and the soundtrack for your Eagle beatin', SEC Championship contendin', Fables of the Reconstructionin' Saturday morning.


(Author's Note: I harbor no feelings of disdain for Georgia Southern, so there will be no caption contest this week... however, it will return in a big way for next week... In fact, if you have any images you'd like to contend for next week's honored photo, please place them in the comments section.)