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Friday Morning Dawg Bites Is Trying to Hate Georgia Southern

Yeah, I know there's been this weird development down in Statesboro where many of the kids harbor some kind of resentment against or hatred toward UGA, but I just can't reciprocate. There's Erk, of course. I have a first cousin who's an Eagle. And in 1984 I visited Southern's electron microscopy lab, which was kinda cool (farm pest close-ups ftw). That's all I got.

Abry Jones may return for the bowl game.
Abry Jones may return for the bowl game.

For your Friday morning reading pleasure, a few tasty bits from the Interwebs:

  • Because we all love rankings, especially when we're NUMBER ONE! we should be proud to know UGA has been named by somebody as the "most intense" college based on how hard students study and party. Freshman LB Matt Stagg needs to get a little better at balance, apparently.
  • Following Saturday's outing, Emerson gives a good look at backup QB Parker Welch and how things look behind Aaron Murray. Consider this a modest update to chuckdawg's piece back in August on our quarterback situation.
  • At this point, I think we can consider OL questions, concerns, reliefs, and fears a permanent feature of Georgia Bulldogs football. There always will be a story to write.
  • Non-qualifying 2012 Auburn commit WR JaQuay Williams of Tyrone, Georgia, is looking at options.
  • Blutarsky found some Trade School fan art, y'all. It's -- dramatic.

Please drop links to your items of interest in the comments.