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The Friday Tailgate says you're welcome for the Hall of Fame-caliber coach, Eagles.

You have to be somewhere until kickoff. It might as well be here. Pull up a chair, you're among friends.

Kevin C. Cox

Maestro, obvious theme music is obvious, but still awesome:

And less obvious theme music is actually not thematic at all, but still pretty good:

There is a lot about this game that strikes me as challenging. For one, the hoopla surrounding the Bulldogs is reaching a bit of a crescendo. At 9-1 with a ticket already punched to Atlanta, there's been a little talk of Georgia as a darkhorse national title contender. When good things start to happen for the Bulldog football team, my pessimism finger starts getting itchy.

Also we'll be playing against the triple option for the first time all season, and playing a lot of guys who weren't on the roster last season in the process. Jordan Jenkins, Josh Harvey-Clemons, and Sheldon Dawson among others will be seeing their first action in this series. How well prepared those guys will be is an open question.

My guess is that the Bulldog offense looks workmanlike, but effective, and that the first string defense looks generally effective. When you prepare for a triple option team like Georgia Southern you usually are forced to give an unusually large percentage of practice repetitions to the guys who will definitely be playing. So my suspicion is that the second and third stringers who get to play will look inordinately lost and give up a score or two. It's not the worst thing in the world in the grand scheme of things, and will give Auburn something to strive for next year.

You never really know what will happen in a game of college football, but that should never stop you from guessing. In light of that, it's time to play our favorite tailgate game, over or under?

Parker Welch will have 1.9 pass attempts.

Christian LeMay will have 1.9 pass attempts.

Todd Gurley will rush for 149.9 yards.

Jarvis Jones will net 2.9 sacks.

Aaron Murray will throw 3.9 touchdown passes.

Richard Samuel will carry the ball 3.9 times.

Final score prediction: UGA 45, GSU 17. Until later, leave your over/under speculation in the comments, feel free to talk amongst yourselves about anything or nothing at all, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!