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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 11

Its the final SEC regular season contest for our Georgia Bulldogs and I'm just here to ask, have you hated Auburn today?

Doug Pensinger

Because if you haven't, its never too late to start!

It's gonna be a long wait for tonight's matchup between our Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers. You could spend your day cringing as you watch one of the four ESPN channels showing Big 10 football... Or you could spend it on your deck with large quantities of meat absorbing smoky deliciousness while downing the better part of a cooler full of beverages. I trust you will make the correct choice.

But once 7 o'clock arrives, it'll be time to lay the beatdown on... and I have every confidence that Jarvis Jones & Co. will do just that. In the process, Gene Chizik's march to freedom will be one step closer to completion and that poor man can get the hell out of West Opelika and get on with his life. It is with a celebratory spirit that I (and The B-52s) dedicate this week's Saturday Morning Soundtrack to Coach Chizik. Congratulations Chiz! Please believe me when I tell you that being released by Auburn is unquestionably the best thing that will ever happen to you. Now roam Chizzy! Roam and be free!!!

Its the last SEC contest of the regular season people! Get ready to escort some folks behind the woodshed! And if you see an Auburn fan with a goat back there, please call the proper authorities! This is your uber-early-morning open comment thread and the soundtrack for your Auburn beatin', Tiglesmen defeatin', Gene Chizik freein' Saturday morning.

But before you go...



The winner of this week's caption contest will receive... an all expense paid trip to Auburn, Alabama where you will roast marshmallows over the dumpster fire that is the Tiglesmen athletic department!

Y'all have fun today! And GOOOO DAWGS!