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Your Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

Football? What's that? I vaguely remember a sport I used to watch that was played with an oblong ball... but then it ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. I seem to have blocked out everything prior.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

There is no college football this weekend... much as there was no college football last weekend. All in all everything about this weekend completely sucks... much as it did last weekend.

Should you feel the need to punish yourself and kill your dreams, feel free to...

CLICK HERE>>> Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

As for me, I'll continue to insist there is no football this weekend!!!

Dawg Sports Programming Note:

Since there is no college football this weekend, your regularly scheduled Saturday Morning Soundtrack will not appear this week. In its place, I invite you to join me now as we curl up in the fetal position in the closest available corner and "enjoy" the Tuesday Late Night Uncontrollable-Sobfest:

In the words of Big 10 Law Alum Jerry Springer, "take care of yourselves... and each other."