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We need to come back to what Momma said.

We are better than this. UGA is a great University, with over 200 years of history, and 120 years of football tradition. What the hell is going on when we attack players and students?

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

So, we have egg'd Robinson's house and rolled Aaron Murray's house. And I'm going to make this real. I totally get failed expectations. I understand how we have under-performed. But if we are reaching the level of attacking students, well, let's come have a talk. I am not happy with the state of the nation. I am not happy this is another "we'll get there next year." But that is sadness. That is disappointment. The constant FIRE X along with the criminal activity, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. That's pretty much everyone else in the SEC when they fail. That is not UGA. When the hell did UGA fans start picking up the need of other rotten fan bases that destroy property? But wait, we are NOW ATTACKING THE PLAYERS. And, frankly, if you want to fight, come fight. Me. Only cowards attack someone's home while they are on the road battling an opponent. Those who have attacked our students, those who have condoned it, those who helped it. Come at me. Come at me with whatever resources you want to muster. If you want our school to be on the road giving you something to be a bitch about; I'll be in my home with a shotgun, ready. And you need a little #9 shot in your ass. You are mentality deficient, you are physically poor, you are cowards, and I will get you. If you, or someone you know, have attacked any student, we clearly know you have a) no degree from Georgia and b) a very small pair of balls. So, as many F bombs have been dropped lately, sometimes, you have do know how to do it. To hell with you weak ass people that attack students. I'll come find you. You need to leave our players alone you maggots. I am royally, seriously pissed. Where is the muster on this? So, football players are now clear targets? Do you know this school has defended its arena and students time upon time upon time to keep OTHER PEOPLE from doing this to us? Clearly, no Georgia true fans did this. It's simply not possible. Georgia fans rally and defend the hedges. They don't show up and act like children on a team they claim to like. Time to muster the real Georgia fans, the ones that care, the ones that believe, the ones that love.

Where were you Students? Why didnt you stand vigil? Why is it ok to take over the arch in political protest, but you aren't willing to stand guard over your own student body? Is attacking player property now ok with you? What are you going to do about it? We have had students that defended the hedges on 24 hr vigal in the past, and you will stand by and let your fellow students get attacked? Light up the Red and Black. Light up the Athens Police Department. Don't stand by and let our brothers get attacked. This is YOUR TIME to do something. Has UGA reached a point where violence and criminality is ok, as long as it is against the football team? Be better than that. Pressure the ACCPD. You want a vigil? You want a north campus camp out? How about attacking a students home whom is playing sports even under scholarship, while his father is in surgery for cancer while we roll his house? Are we ok with that? Maybe defend your honor, your pride, your school and your team. Defend your alma mater.

Let's see what you are made of UGA. Show me your heart.

I got mad and Russ was Crowned Uga IX. What do you think I'll do with some stupid rednecks? GRR, I'm mad.

I sure would like to win an SEC Championship. And this team may deserve it. But there is too large a fanbase that doesn't deserve it right now. My Great Grandfather played center for UGA. He hated Tech. He knew every politician ever in Georgia. He knew and experienced the drought. And, in all my family history, and all my family lore, and my own time in Athens, I've never, ever heard of a time when we egged and rolled a players home.

SHAME ON YOU. And if you want to fight about it - come pick on me.