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The Monday To Do List Sees A Lot To Work On: Once Again.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Wow. What a weekend. Like me I'm sure that you can't get enough daylight between you and the events that transpired on Saturday in Columbia. Be that as it may, things happened in college football, and it's our duty to address them before moving forward. In no particular order, here's what I'm doing before I move on to this "Bye" school, which I'm sure will also push back our offensive line and leave our defense once again wondering how deal with a running quarterback:

1) Contemplate Geno Smith's position on my imaginary Heisman Ballot. Is West Viriginia's Smith a "system quarterback", benefitting from being at the controls of Dana Holgorsen's video game offense? You bet your trips left Y-stick he is. But no matter what the system, throwing 24 touchdowns without a single interception approaching the midpoint of the college football season is impressive. Based on what we saw Saturday, I also have to wonder at what point Connor Shaw's name enters the discussion. While his numbers aren't as gaudy as Smith's, Shaw has really only been slowed this season by injury. Maybe he can take Aaron Murray's chair in New York.

2) Lay off the Bulldog offensive line, but just a little. It's hard to overstate the effect the crowd noise in Columbia had on our offensive execution. And I don't know that it's fair to expect anyone to consistently block Jadeveon Clowney, even if he hasn't figured out the snap count. Our offensive line looked about like an inexperienced offensive line should look against a talented, veteran defensive front. Perhaps I was a bit naive before the season when I said I wasn't that worried about our offensive line. Perhaps this was just a one week regression. Really only time will tell, but after reviewing the ugly tape, I think this was the first time this unit has seen a really good SEC defensive unit. With the possible exception of Florida, it was the last tie unless and until they back into a trip to the SEC Championship Game.

3) Stop being mad at Steve Spurrier, for just a moment. At this point I just can't even do it. I mean really, Mark Richt's team played the part of the drunk guy who passes out at a fraternity party and wakes up in the morning with obscene doodles all over his face. Sure you could blame the "friends" who let their inner Monets out. But really this time we let Spurrier do it to us. His team came out with a phenomenal plan, and they executed it. This time out, he earned his right to be snide.

4) Say I told you so about Florida State. Because I did. While Bulldog fans can at least console ourselves with a loss to a clear top 10 team, FSU fans are coming to terms today with a loss to . . . N.C. State. That's kind of a resume killer right there.

5) But not Notre Dame. The Irish drubbed Miami 41-3, and while the 3 points seems slightly impressive but not unexpected from that Irish defense, the 41 points on 300+ yards rushing was quite the deal.

6) Be glad I'm not an Auburn fan. Once again. Really, at 1-4 with Georgia, Alabama, and Texas A&M still on the schedule bowl eligibility is a long shot. That doesn't make all the pain from this weekend go away, but it darned sure doesn't make me sad. Kiehl Frazier also continues to look like a quarterback who was hired recruited to be the next Cam Newton and is now being asked to do, well, something that's not what Cam Newton did. Now it appears he may be doing it from the bench while Clint Moseley is tasked with becoming . . .whatever Auburn's offensive staff is trying to get its quarterbacks to do.

That's what I'm doing. How about you? Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!