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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites - Halloween Edition

In the All Hallow's Eve version of Dawg Bites, we'll jump around the blogosphere, highlighting the various stories and minutiae that may be of interest to Dawg People everywhere.


First off, in case you missed it, Dawg Sports drives home the point that not all turnovers are created equal in this week's version of the Tuesday Video Breakdown. It's definitely humorous to see how the Gator fans would rather talk about their own team giving the game away than to chalk the loss up to the Dawgs playing better, but hey, when we're celebrating a Georgia victory in the Cocktail Party, who really cares?

The Football Writers' Association of America has named Jarvis Jones as the National Defensive Player of the Week, marking the second time this season that Hurricane Jarvis has won the award. This is truly an odd distinction, given that Jones did little to distinguish himself in the game against the Gators, and, more often than not, was simply the benefactor of being in the right place at the right time to be on the receiving end of the Gators gifting of the game to the Dawgs.

Over at dogbytesonline, Marc Weiszer has an article detailing the praise that Jordan Jenkins has received from some of his defensive teammates. Jenkins still has some rough spots here and there, but it's become quite evident that Todd Grantham was not foolish when going after the five star recruit, and the impact he's had so far should be a selling point to any five star recruit from here on out that, if you go to Georgia, you'll be put in a position to make plays regardless of age or experience.

Senator Blutarsky brings to light an Arthur Lynch quote that should truly make you feel good about the person in charge of the Bulldog Nation. Sure, we've all wondered if Richt can win the big one, and bad luck aside (2002's one loss season would've been good for a national championship most other years, 2007's two loss season would've been good for a national title that year) it's a truly great feeling to have one of the most widely respected head coaches in the business at the helm of our Alma Mater's football team. Cheers.

Zander Ogletree is the epitome of someone who's ready to step in at a moment's notice. I've been a little surprised at Z's lack of use this year, as I thought he did a pretty nice job of blocking last year, but judging by the coaches' comments after the Florida game, Ogletree may continue to see increased playing time. Sure, Merritt Hall's had a good season, but Ogletree had some really nice blocks on Saturday, and he also caught the ball out of the backfield a couple of times, which is more than we've been able to say for most fullbacks this year.

Finally, Marc Weiszer highlights the joys that college football players can experience even when they don't directly contribute to a victory for their team, by pointing out that, even without a catch, Tavarres King still appreciates and savors the victory against Florida. Now, TK could've easily changed that whole 'catchless' point by holding onto a third and long throw that hit him in the hands, but in his defense, the throw was on him quicker than intended and one can see the difficulty in catching such a pass.

I hope everyone has a great hump day/halloween, and let's look forward to going out and continuing the defensive dominance against Ole Miss this weekend.

As always... Go Dawgs!