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Breaking News: Georgia Bulldogs Wide Receiver Michael Bennett Lost for the Season

The Georgia Bulldogs' leading receiver, Michael Bennett, reportedly has been lost to injury for the remainder of the season just days before the Red and Black take on the South Carolina Gamecocks for SEC East supremacy.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There is news to report, and it is not good:

Dang. Just dang. The sophomore wide receiver has been the Georgia Bulldogs' leading pass-catcher this season, bringing in 24 receptions for 345 yards, four touchdowns, and almost 70 yards per game. Bennett is a reliable possession receiver in the Kris Durham mold, and, frankly, his absence will be felt in Columbia this Saturday. In fact, Kit and I discussed him in this week's podcast (which will be posted here later today), and we concluded that all Michael Bennett ever does is catch everything that's thrown in his direction.

That sure-handedness will be sorely missed this Saturday. This is a huge loss and a potential game-changer, and we will continue bringing you the latest as further details emerge.

Go 'Dawgs!