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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 9

Pylon sets us up for a great day of football... and one which will unfortunately be full of reptiles.

Every fanbase has crazy folks that dress up for the game.  This guy was at The Oaks Mall in Gainesville on a Tuesday afternoon.
Every fanbase has crazy folks that dress up for the game. This guy was at The Oaks Mall in Gainesville on a Tuesday afternoon.

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is here! Suck it, Mikey! (h/t Mr. Sanchez)

And we all know what that means:

  • A bunch of inbred hillbilly Gators are about to start flapping their arms in your face to the theme from a movie about a shark. Because that makes about as much sense as everything else about the UF fanbase.
  • You're gonna see a Gator QB. You're going to want to punch him in the face. They just have a look about them that screams "Break my nose! Shatter my jaw! Please, I'm begging you!" I've wanted to punch every Gator QB in recent memory in the face. Probably because most of them are douchebags. But even Danny Wuerffel, who seems like a decent enough guy, deserves at least a smack upside the head. Jeff Driskel definitely needs to be punched in the face.
  • Georgia is probably going home disappointed. Hope for the best and expect the worst. That's not usually my philosophy, but I think its only healthy given the circumstances and might perhaps mitigate some of the subsequent point...
  • You are going to drink entirely too much. Just accept that now. If the game goes badly you are going to want to get belligerent and perhaps even violent. Resist that urge. Spending the night locked up in Jacksonville or getting banned from your favorite sports blog isn't going to put a tally in the win column. Vent, get it off your chest, commiserate with your fellow Dawg fans, but don't be a tool.

All that said, it's a great day to be a Georgia Bulldog and I fully expect we'll all scream our brains out for the Dawgs as they face off against the Florida Gators. If you're in Jacksonville, best of luck with the weather. For the rest of us, head outside into the brisk Fall air, throw something on the grill, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Athens, Georgia's own Pylon as you get your drank on. This is your way-too-early gameday open comment thread and the soundtrack of your Cocktail partyin', Gator hatin', Driskel punchin', Muschumpin' Saturday Morning:

Get your chart of all of today's televised college football action HERE.

Oh, and another thing... We may lose to the hated Gators, but we'll always have:


The winner of today's caption contest will receive an autographed Mark Richt Brand™ Hot Seat.

Enjoy your Saturday! Enjoy the game(?)! And GOOOO DAWGS!!!