The Dirty Dozen: 12 Uses for Dead Gators

Last year I provided you some nice little recipes for dealing with Gator meat. I have not tried dipping any gator meat into Gordo’s multiple varieties of dips, but I imagine it would be delicious. This year, I thought I would share with you ways to use the left over skin of the Lesser Cousins of Crocodiles. Many people may look at you styling your gator skin accessories and think badly of you unless they know that you are a DAWG fan and then they will understand (I don’t think you will get any slack from PETA, but any group that recommends a robot mascot cannot be given any credit). So without further ado, here are some great ways to use the scaly, dry, nasty skin of a gator:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1. Wallets/Money Clips: Alligator_wallets_medium What a better way to show that you own the Gators than by flashing your cash, credit cards, ATM cards and Identification than in the hide of your KILL. Bi-folds, Tri-folds, even wallets attached to chains…most any way a man like to carry cash can be found in gator skin.

Purses: 51vzvlpggilSame goes for the women Dawg fans, show your dislike and domination over the hated Gators by throwing some dead alligator over your arm and letting the world know that you are a gator hating, loyal Dawg fan. They can dye the skin in most colors to match anything in your wardrobe. So buy more than one, but make sure you have one in Red and one in Black

Belts: Images_mediumIs there any better way to show disdain for the gators than to have them close to your butt? That is all I have to say about that…

Cell Phone cases: 467404859_066_mediumEverybody has a cell phone and I am sure that you can find a dead gator skin case to fit your Android, iPhone, or even the old flip phone that some of you may still be carrying.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->5. <!--[endif]-->iPad/Tablet covers: Boxwave_elite_croc_case_zoom_mediumImagine walking into your favorite Café, ordering your favorite coffee blend from the barista, sitting down, and pulling out your alligator leather clad tablet and surfing the morning away. Something tells me that whoever can be the first sell these in Athens will make a MINT.

Briefcases/Attaché Cases : 024f_black_mediumFor our professional fans out there, imagine the look on those counterparts from the University of Florida when you lay your gator skin case on the business table and begin to dominate them. The initial shock of your gator case on the table will be just like Gurley or Marshall ripping off a 80 yard rush on their first touch of the game. TKK you must have one of these.

Boots/Shoes/Heels: All Right guys. We all secretly want to wear alligator boots and dress shoes. Nothing says your hatred for walking on the dead skin of your most hated rival. So get yourself a pair of boots or dress shoes and WALK-ON, WALK-ON, WALK-ON. Now onto the better side of this option; imagine your wife/girlfriend dressed in her best red UGA Game-Day dress, a nice black alligator purse over her shoulder and a nice pair of chic alligator black heels 15301291_mediumwalking into Jacksonville next year (for our Lady readers on here make sure your significant other reads this part). Of course they also make sandals and flops so she can slip the heels off and enjoy the game without the foot discomfort. By the way, I am still looking for cleats...imagine the Dawgs taking the field against the gators in alligator cleats...

Dog Collars: Laurendog_mediumMost of us have man’s best friend. Is there any better way to show your love for your canine family member than to adorn its neck with a collar made from 100% dead alligator??? Order one for your dog today.

Golf Bags: 334__kgrhqmoknqe6ybgf_9bbphful6_5w_60_57_mediumSome of us like to chase little white dimpled balls around a manicured pasture. Yes, we all have faults. But we can atone for our golf fetish if we drop our Pings and Calloways into the skin of a DEAD gator. I would hope Bubba reads this and gets one for the next PGA tour.

Desk Sets: Dann_p18_mediumWhether it is a 3 cube, military field desk in a Quonset hut in Afghanistan or a mahogany, custom desk in your private law office; nothing says UGA loyalty and class like a custom desk set accented with alligator skin.

Jackets: 581bf9904abeee34f5ba2fa8299e098d_mediumBiker jackets to Dusters, whatever your style for cold weather; you can get it in dead gator skin.

Dress: Rihanna-tom-ford-black-dress-2012-met-gala-ball-fashion-trends-brit-awards-2012_mediumOk so maybe only Rihanna can afford this Tom Ford custom, but you have to admit there has never been a better use of dead gator than an evening dress for a lovely UGA Lady.

So there you have it Dawg fans, complete use of a gator from the grill to the red carpet. GO DAWGS.

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