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Your Week 9 College Football TV Schedule

ESPN is finally showing the SEC some love this week. LOL! And speaking of ESPN, Dawg Sports' T. Kyle King appeared on UNITE on ESPNU again and absolutely killed it. We'll include a link to Kyle's segment as soon as it becomes available.

Sam Greenwood

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This week we are finally freed from the shackles of a plethora of meaningless Big 10 and ACC contests on the ESPN family of networks. Instead we get a variety of games brought to you by the best conference in the land.

Prior to Saturday, we have a variety of intriguing matchups on both Thursday and Friday. Thursday night you can catch what is likely to be an ACC beatdown as the Clemson Tigers take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. If that doesn't do it for you, may I suggest you check out this week's Division II Special on ESPN3 as Valdosta State destroys Shorter. As a proud alumnus of Berry College in majestic Mt. Berry, Georgia, I feel compelled to impress upon you the simple fact that Shorter is the devil incarnate... As you may have guessed, Berry doesn't think much of our little brother from the wrong side of the tracks. Shorter is the Auburn/Tech/Florida rolled-into-one to Berry's UGA. Go State!

On Friday, you can enjoy all the futility of a contest between two pretty decent (by conference standards) Big East teams as the Cincinnati Bearcats travel to Kentucky to face the Louisville Cardinals.

Saturday's action begins with SEC action across the board as the Kentucky Wildcats prepare to lose to the Missouri Tigers, the Tennessee Volunteers attempt to save Precious against the South Carolina Gamecocks, and the Ole Miss Rebels try to jump on the bandwagon of teams that have beaten the Arkansas Razorbacks to a pulp. Or you could always watch the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Northwestern Wildcats... :-)

Schadenfreude steps up at 3:00 as the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will almost certainly lose to the BYU Cougars. You can also catch two of the best teams in the ACC as the Florida St. Seminoles take on the Duke Blue Devils (LOLOL!). But honestly, we know that most of you will be watching the Georgia Bulldogs attempt (probably unsuccessfully) to unseat Coach Larry and the Florida Gators.

At 5:30 (when you just can't take anymore of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party), you can switch over and watch the 1st Annual Leaders and Legends Bowl as the Ohio St. Buckeyes meet up with the Penn St. Nittany Lions in what is possibly the least consequential game in the history of college football.

Saturday night, I recommend you enjoy the schadenfreude yet again as the Texas A&M Aggies move the Auburn Tigers one step closer to hiring Bobby Petrino. I mean, seriously, Auburn may finally find a way to make me hate them more than I already did. You can also catch the Michigan Wolverines and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Oklahoma Sooners (Boomer Sooner!), and what is sure to be another dismantling as the Alabama Crimson Tide host the Mississippi St. Bulldogs.

Those are your best of the best for this week. Enjoy! And GOOOO DAWGS!!!