15 Thoughts That Immediately Spring to Mind When Asked Why I Dislike Florida So Much

DavetheDawg, my apologies for stealing your 15 thoughts format. In this case, imitation really is the finest form of flattery as I love your posts.

1. Orange and blue do not go together

2. Recent history

3. Jaws is a shark, not an alligator

4. Jorts and the people who wear them

5. Tebow and his speeches

6. Swaying back and forth singing songs about being boys

7. Pokey Spikes and the "tough love" given him by Corch Irvin Myers (see #11)

8. Do you really need a girl gator mascot, too?

9. The chomp thing is the ultimate of goofy hand signals

10. That awful UF "Go Gators" commercial:

11. The "go gatuh" lady on Youtube:

12. The fact that the Swamp’s stands were originally built in a sink hole on campus

13. Work ‘em silly, Gators (?)

14. Alligators are lizards with tiny brains and huge mouths (although this IS one of my favorite commercials:

15. The fact that my contempt for them wouldn’t allow me to appreciate the misery their athletic teams brought to Ohio State a few years ago

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