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The Monday To Do List Is Throwing Its Hat In The Ring At Auburn.

Dawg Sports looks at the tasks we have to accomplish on the heels of another weekend of college football.


Monday, Monday. It's here again, and it's time for you to get started on your work week. But before you do, let's take a look at the items aded to your list after another weekend of college football. In no particular order, we need to:

1) Figure out which NFL job Nick Saban is a candidate for this week. Not so much because he's going to be leaving for the League. But because that may be our only hope. If you'll recall, this was the season Saban's Crimson Tide were supposed to struggle because of heavy losses on defense, and breaking in a new tailback not named Trent Richardson. But Alabama has made it through the halfway point of the season unscathed. If anything, the new guys have steadily improved since opening the season by dismantling Michigan.

It has become painfully clear that Nick Saban is a grizzly bear, the rest of the SEC is a 3 legged rabbit. Really our only hope is for him to get bored and move onto something else.

2) Wish Aaron Murray luck this weekend in the game being played in Wyoming. Or Rhode Island. Wherever. Just don't tell him it's in Florida, and don't let him know the stakes. At some point Aaron Murray either becomes comfortable in games like this, or he doesn't. By the second half of your redshirt junior season, you are who you are. Aaron Murray still needs to prove that who he is is not a guy who comes out of the locker room in big games with eyes the size of silver dollars and a shaky right hand.

3) Stop anointing the Florida Gators. I was traveling to the 3rd Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast and didn't see the Florida/South Carolina game live. When I heard the score I was immediately filled with dread. Then I went back and watched the actual game on Sunday. And I felt just a little bit better. South Carolina played the game we played against the Gamecocks. The "we're not even coming out of the locker room" game. Florida put up 183 yards of total offense to South Carolina's 191. Jeff Driskel threw for a blistering 93 yards on 11 of 16 passing. The Gators were penalized 7 times for 74 yards and converted under 50% of 3rd downs.

But on this day, they were the slightly less awful offensive football team, they played well enough in the front 7 during the second half, and they were +4 in turnover margin. South Carolina clearly desperately missed Marcus Lattimore, Spurrier got impatient with Connor Shaw, and the Gamecocks ultimately let LSU beat them 2 weeks in a row, much as we did in 2009.

Is Florida the second best team in America? Maybe. Other than perhaps Oregon I don't know who to put in front of them. In the halcyon glow of hindsight, we tend to forget all the warts teams have. Florida is a good football team. But this Gator team is beatable. Especially coming off back to back physical outings. The question in my mind is whether or not Georgia can execute well enough to take advantage of Florida's regression to their personal mean.

4) Figure out what to do with 5000 "Geno Smith For Heisman" buttons. For the second straight weekend the West Virginia Mountaineers not only lost but lost big time in Big XII action. Smith threw the ball 32 times to the tune of 4.5 yards per attempt. Now the spotlight turns to Collin Klein, who with a 323 yard, 3 touchdown pass night is the new Heisman candidate du jour. Bill Snyder still wants him to come over and set the DVR to record Barney Miller.

5) Apply for the Auburn job. Why not? In all seriousness, watch out for Auburn in 2013. Bobby Petrino's probably gonna have 3 games under his belt on the Plains by the time the season starts.

That should about do it for today. Get to work, Bulldog Nation. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!