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Hate Week Gets Artistic: Your Anti-Florida Repository

Here is my picture of Will Muschamp.

On Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the Florida Gators in what is likely to be a brutal and devastating game. In times like this, I find it helpful to express myself artistically. In fact, this new piece has received a positive response in the media:

In the second of a series that the artist, RedCrake, began with "Here is my picture of Urban Meyer," we are once again confronted with the futility and ennui of an annual trip to Jacksonville, Florida.

- Liz Jortenstein, The New York Times

For those of you who dodged the English and Art departments at UGA whenever possible, I've included a handy interpretation guide (see page 4).

Please feel free to use this post and it's comment section as your repository for Hate Week pictures and artwork which we can use throughout the week and in Saturday's profanity-laced open comment thread. And make sure that, in addition to your glorious works of art, you take a moment to tell us why you hate Florida. Because even if we can't agree on who we should fire, we can all agree that Florida is deserving of our hatred.