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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 8

Oh, Football Gods! Please hear our plea! We were humbled by our defeat at the hands of the evil chickens which you, in your wisdom, saw fit to bestow. We come before you now with this noble beast to soothe your anger. We spill its blood at your feet and seek your forgiveness for whatever transgressions we may have committed. Take this sacrificial goat as a symbol of our contrition. Allow us to defeat the mighty Wildcats of Kentucky... and, if its not too much trouble, strike Will Muschamp down...

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

After a bye week that was either restful or restless depending on your perspective, our Georgia Bulldogs once again take the field as they face the Kentucky Wildcats. Additionally, we here at Dawg Sports will be gathering at the Blind Pig Tavern on Baldwin Street this evening at 6:30 for the 3rd Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast. You should feel welcome (nay, compelled!) to join us for an evening of frivolity, ritualistic animal sacrifice, and (hopefully) a Georgia victory.

This week's musical selection comes to us from Athens transplant Matthew Sweet, who joins us in asking for a little Divine Intervention. This is your way-too-early gameday open comment thread and the soundtrack for your Kentucky beatin', goat roastin', Dawg Sports meet & greetin' Saturday morning.

"I look around and all I see is destruction... We're all counting on his divine intervention..."

- Matthew Sweet

After R.E.M., Matthew Sweet is my favorite Athens-related artist. He never got enough love from the population at large... this makes me weep for humanity.

Do Your Worst, Dawg Sports!

This week's winner will receive... hell, I dunno... the Kentucky Head Coach job?

Enjoy the game and join us for the Goat Roast! Remember... Kill a Goat, Save a Bulldog.